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I came to the US on an F-1 student visa. Am I subject to the Unlawful Presence 3-year or 10-year bar?

QUESTION: I came to the US on an F-1 student visa. I overstayed my I-20 document by more than 180 days. If I have to leave the country to get … Continue reading

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Can I file my I-485 application before my I-130 petition is approved?

QUESTION: I am in the US is E-2 status. My husband is a Permanent Resident and he filed an I-130 petition for me last year. My priority date is available … Continue reading

July 10, 2018 · 6 Comments

Can I do anything to get USCIS to issue my Advance Parole travel document sooner?

QUESTION: I filed an I-485 with an application for employment authorization and advance parole based on my marriage with a U.S citizen. It has been five and half months, but … Continue reading

July 6, 2018 · 2 Comments

Can I still sponsor my step-daughter to come to the US even though my husband died?

QUESTION: I am a US citizen. I filed for my husband to come to the US from Ghana. The petition was approved, and he was scheduled for an immigrant visa … Continue reading

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(The predictions section below were updated on 6/25/18 with more recent DOS updates.) The US Department of State has issued the July 2018 Visa Bulletin. The DOS Visa Bulletin lists … Continue reading

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Do I need to inform immigration of my change of address after my citizenship is finalized?

QUESTION: I finally took my oath as a US citizen. If I move, do I still need to let immigration know about my new address?   THE IMMIGRATION ANSWER MAN:┬áNo. … Continue reading

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If my ex-husband, who I helped become a citizen, files for a green card for his new wife, will I be questioned by USCIS?

QUESTION: I helped my husband get a green card, and he is now a US citizen. He has since divorced me and married the mother of his children that they … Continue reading

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The US Department of State has issued the June 2018 Visa Bulletin. The DOS Visa Bulletin lists visa availability to let foreign nationals know when they can file an Immigrant … Continue reading

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Can my grandmother withdraw her sponsorship for me even though my green card was approved?

QUESTION: I’ve been a lawful permanent resident in the US for almost 5 years. My mother petitioned for me to become a lawful permanent resident, but my grandmother was a … Continue reading

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I came on an F-1 student visa, but have fallen out of status. Can I still apply for a green card through Adjustment of Status when my US citizen wife sponsors me?

QUESTION: I was an international student on an F-1 visa, but I stopped going to school, and have fallen out of status because I moved to another city to live … Continue reading

February 26, 2018 · 3 Comments

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