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My wife has a two-year conditional green card. What happens if we divorce?

QUESTION:   I am a U.S. citizen. I sponsored my wife for a green card and she received a two-year temporary green card. My wife is supposed to apply for … Continue reading

May 19, 2011 · 4 Comments

If my child is born in the U.S. does that mean I can stay in the U.S. when my visa expires?

QUESTION:   My wife and I are in the U.S. in L status. We are about to have a child in the U.S. Since our child will be a U.S. … Continue reading

May 18, 2011 · Leave a comment

My green card was stolen and I need to travel outside the U.S. soon. How do I renew my green card in time for my trip?

QUESTION: My purse was stolen along with my green card. I wanted to take a trip abroad this Summer, but I can't travel without my green card. Can I replace … Continue reading

May 17, 2011 · 48 Comments

I have H-4 status. If I want to go to school do I need to change to F-1 status?

QUESTION: I am currently on H-4 visa. I want to go back to college. Do I need to change to an F1 visa?   THE IMMIGRATION ANSWER MAN: H-4 status … Continue reading

May 16, 2011 · Leave a comment