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I was issued the immigrant visa under the Conditional Resident (CR1) category, but I will be entering the US for the first time after our 2nd anniversary. Will I get a 10-years green card?

QUESTION: My US citizen wife sponsored me for an immigrant visa. I was issued the immigrant visa under the CR1 category, because I was issued the visa before our 2nd … Continue reading

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O-1 Visas

Attorneys Ari Sauer, Greg Siskind, and Jason Susser talk about 0-1 Visas. Please note that the information in this video is the current best available information as of July 15th, 2020. The discussion … Continue reading

July 16, 2020 · 2 Comments

Travel Ban Strategies

Attorneys Ari Sauer and Greg Siskind talk about options and strategies for those affected by the various current U.S. immigration travel bans. Please note that the information in this video is the current … Continue reading

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What happens if the USCIS officer does not have my whole file at the time of my green card (I-485) interview?

QUESTION: I am a US citizen. I filed an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative for my mother, and then separately filed an I-485 Application to Adjust Status green card application … Continue reading

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Summary of changes to the Public Charge Rule

Attorney Greg Siskind, from my law firm, authored a summary of the new changes to the Public Charge Rule. These long-anticipated and controversial changes expand the government’s use of a … Continue reading

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I got my green card through my employer 9 months ago. Am I allowed to change employers?

QUESTION: I am a nurse who was sponsored by my employer/petitioner as an EB-3. I have had my green card for 9 months and have been working for them since … Continue reading

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Can a work authorization card (EAD) holder start a new job after their EAD expires but within the 180-day extension of work authorization while their I-765 is pending?

QUESTION: I am in L-1A visa status and applied for extension. We also applied for an extension of my wife’s L-2 visa status and her work authorization (EAD). Her EAD … Continue reading

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How do I know if my medical examination report (I-693) has expired and I need to bring a new one to the interview?

QUESTION: I have just been scheduled for my green card interview. How do I know if my medical examination report has expired and I need to bring a new one … Continue reading

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Will traveling abroad before my Advance Parole is issued cause my application for Work Authorization to be denied?

QUESTION: I applied for Work Authorization (EAD) and Advance Parole along with my I-485 application. Will travel before the Parole is approved forfeit just my Parole application or will that … Continue reading

February 28, 2019 · 2 Comments

Can I have both an H-1B visa and an H-4 visa at the same time?

QUESTION: I have a valid H1B visa stamp. But my employer in the US does not have a project for me to work on at the moment so I cannot … Continue reading

October 19, 2018 · 3 Comments

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