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I have H-4 status. If I want to go to school do I need to change to F-1 status?


I am currently on H-4 visa. I want to go back to college. Do I need to change to an F1 visa?


H-4 status is for spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants. If your spouse will be continuing as an H-1B nonimmigrant and you are planning on remaining married, then there is no need to change your status to become an F-1 (student) nonimmigrant. While the F-1 status does allow you to attend SEVIS authorized schools, so do many other statuses. As an H-4 nonimmigrant, you are eligible to attend school, even though you are not eligible for employment authorization. In fact, as an H-4 your options for educational programs are broader, since you are able to attend schools that are not on the SEVIS list and you are not required to take a full course load. Also, as an H-4 you can change schools without having to receive SEVIS authorization first.

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