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My father became a US citizen. Can I keep my I-130 category from changing from F2B to F1 ?

QUESTION: In 2009 my father filed an I-130 for me which was approved. I am unmarried and over the age of 21, so I was in the F2B category. However, my father recently obtained his US citizenship. My understanding is that my father’s naturalization changes my case category from F2B to F1. However, the waiting time for F1 is longer compare to F2B. Is there any way to keep my case category changing from F1 to F2b? Thank you!

THE IMMIGRATION ANSWER MAN – ARI SAUER: Yes, there is a way under the Child Status Protection Act (CSPA). I am assuming that you were born in the Philippines, as currently the F1 category is only behind the F2B category for those who are chargeable to the Philippines. For those born in the Philippines (or who are otherwise chargeable to the Philippines) who wish to opt out of being in the F1 category, and remain in the F2B category, the current process for “opting out” is to send in a written request to the USCIS Field Office Director in Manila.

But you may want to consider waiting until you are closer to having a visa available for your petition’s priority date under the DOS Visa Bulletin, as it is possible that the situation may change in the future and the F1 category might become more desirable.

If you would like to schedule a consultation appointment with me to discuss your options, you can call my office at  901-507-4270 and my paralegal will assist you in scheduling an appointment. I am available to do consultations by phone or video, or in person at my office.

By Ari Sauer.

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