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My H1B visa expired, but my I-94 is valid. Am I still legally eligible to work?

QUESTION: My H1B visa expired last week. But the I-94 that I received when I came to the US, which I printed out from the CBP website, is valid for another two years. My I797 is valid for two years as well. I currently work for my company that filed the H1B. I want to make sure it is legal for me to work until the expiration date of my I-94?

THE IMMIGRATION ANSWER MAN – ARI SAUER:  Yes. Your current I-94 is the controllingExpired by Rian document for your status while in the US. So if your most recent valid I-94 says you are still in H-1B status, then you are in H-1B status and required to work for the H-1B petitioning employer pursuant to your H-1B petition.

The visa (the laminated page put in your passport by the US embassy or consulate) is just a travel document. You only need the visa to be valid when you apply for entry into the US. When the visa expires, it does not affect your immigration status while you are in the US. If you need to leave the US, you will likely need to obtain a new visa in your passport before returning to the US.

Since it is the MOST RECENT I-94 that controls someone’s immigration status, it is important that everyone who enters the US on a nonimmigrant visa (i.e., H-1B, B-1/B-2,  F-1, etc.), or through the Visa Waiver Program (also known as ESTA), or as a Canadian visitor should check the expiration date on their I-94 EVERY time they reenter the US. Do not assume that the expiration date that the CBP officer wrote on the entry stamp in your passport is the same expiration date that is on your I-94. CBP officers can make mistakes. It is the expiration date on your I-94 that matters, even if the I-94 has a different expiration date than the expiration date on the entry stamp in your passport. So make sure to print out your I-94 and check the expiration date on it EVERY time you travel. You can print out your I-94 by going here on the CBP website:

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Published 2/14/18 by attorney Ari Sauer.

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