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This Weeks Immigration News, Information and Articles

Congratulations to Greg Siskind and Lynn Susser of the Siskind Susser, P.C. immigration law firm for being named to the list of Best Lawyers in America.

DOS publishes October 2009 DOS Visa Bulletin

Elaine Witty’s new immigration blog: Immigration and Religion

USCIS announces that as of August 28, 2009 there are still 19,900 H1B visas still available under the fiscal Year 2010 quota

USCIS announced that as of September 8, 2009 Federal Government contracts will require contractors to use the E-Verify program

USCIS is offering free webinars on the E-Verify program

USCIS is holding a meeting to take comments on the newly revised USCIS website

USCIS will be holding special Constitution Day and Citizenship Day naturalization oath ceremonies on September 17, 2009

DOL Wage and Hour Division is now inserting Workers Rights cards in passports of H-2B nonimmigrants

Immigration Impact: Immigrants with Mental Disabilities are Deprived of their Day in Court

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