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Should I be worried that USCIS wants to interview me for my employment-based I-485?



I have been called in for an immigration interview for my employment-based I-485 adjustment of status.  Is that normal procedure now or it is unusual for this to occur?  My file has been with USCIS for over a year now since all the documents was submitted.


Also, the sponsoring company has reduced my hours drastically due to the economy but they are still sponsoring me.   I found employment in the same field with a different company.  Please advise me on whether this is going to be an issue.


The Immigration Answer Man:


As a general rule, employment-based applications for Adjustment of Status do not require interviews. However, USCIS has the authority to require an interview where there is some issue or fact that is in question that can be resolved by interviewing the applicant. This is commonly done where the applicant is filing for adjustment of status under the 245(i) “amnesty”. It also sometimes occurs where it has been a long time since the I-140 was approved. The fact that you have been called for an interview does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your application.


The fact that your company has reduced your hours could possibly be a problem. While there is no requirement to work for the petitioning company prior to being granted adjustment of status, there is a requirement that the petitioning company continue to have an intent to employ you pursuant to the I-140 petition. The fact that the company is not employing you for the hours and salary specified in the I-140 calls into question whether the company intends to employ you for the listed hours once you are granted adjustment of status and whether the company has the ability to pay the proffered wages.


You should consult with an immigration law attorney right away to find out if this issue can be overcome, or whether you would be eligible to port your petition to the new employer.


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