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I came on an F-1 student visa, but have fallen out of status. Can I still apply for a green card through Adjustment of Status when my US citizen wife sponsors me?

QUESTION: I was an international student on an F-1 visa, but I stopped going to school, and have fallen out of status because I moved to another city to live with my fiancée. My fiancée and I are getting married next month. She is a US citizen. Can I still qualify for Adjustment of Status even though I am now out of status?

THE IMMIGRATION ANSWER MAN – ARI SAUER: Yes, after your wedding. Someone

00115274who is filing their Form I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status (commonly known as a green card application) based on the immigrant petition (Form I-130) filed by their US citizen spouse is applying under the Immediate Relative category. The Immediate Relative category includes spouses, parents and unmarried minor children of US citizen). Those applying under the Immediate Relative category may do so if they were inspected and admitted (or paroled) when they last entered the US. This is true even if they later fall out of status. So, someone who last entered the US on a nonimmigrant visa (or a parole document) but fails to follow the requirements of their nonimmigrant visa, and therefore fall out of status, may still apply for Adjustment of Status (I-485) if they are applying based on the Immediate Relative immigrant petition. Of course, this assumes that the person meets all other grounds of admissibility.

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Published 2/26/18 by attorney Ari Sauer.

By Ari Sauer.

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3 comments on “I came on an F-1 student visa, but have fallen out of status. Can I still apply for a green card through Adjustment of Status when my US citizen wife sponsors me?

  1. j
    December 16, 2019

    US immigration system is unfair and fuck up

  2. Anonymous
    July 29, 2018

    I am an international student married to a permanent resident. I have been granted OPT for 1 year . However if I don’t get job until September 9 , I will have to leave United States. Last year we have filed for i130 but haven’t been approved yet. If I don’t get job in 1 month, will I be out of status?

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